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Louisa May Alcott, A selection from Hospital Sketches

Clara Barton, A selection from The History of The Red Cross

Elizabeth Blackwell
A selection from Pioneering Work in Opening the Medical Profession to Women

Dorothea Dix, The Memorial To The Massachusetts Legislature

Hippocrates, The Oath and Law of Hippocrates

Florence Nightingale, A selection from Notes on Nursing

Linda Richards
A selection from Reminescences of America's First Trained Nurse

Lillian D. Wald, A selection from The House on Henry Street

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D-Day in the Pacific The Battle of Saipan

The Kings of Casino Park Black Baseball in the Lost Season of 1932

Winning Your Election the Wellstone Way A Comprehensive Guide for Candidates and Campaign Workers

After Eden  The Evolution of Human Domination

Mississippi in Africa The Saga of the Slaves of Prospect Hill Plantation and Their Legacy in Liberia

Shrink Rap Three Psychiatrists Explain Their Work

A Child's Work The Importance of Fantasy Play

Confessions of a Presidential Speechwriter

Nightmare on Iwo Jima A Marine in Combat

The Flat World and Education How America's Commitment to Equity Will Determine Our Future

The Way Hollywood Tells It Story and Style in Modern Movies

Chicago Death Trap The Iroquois Theatre Fire of 1903

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